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How I Defeat Cabin Fever: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day March 2014

by Kathy Purdy March 15, 2014

It doesn’t take much to give a gardener hope. Snow still blanketed the lawn, despite the warmest temperatures of the calendar year thus far. As I reached down to pick up the pot of amaryllis for its photo shoot (see below), I noticed that the snow had melted down to the ground in a strip […]

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Spring Inside: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day February 2014

by Kathy Purdy February 15, 2014

I have Matt Mattus to blame (and thank) for these primulas. I never would have looked for them at my local Wegmans if he hadn’t mentioned that’s where he found his. (Wegmans in Massachusetts? Who knew?) Since he brought it to my attention, when I saw them for 99 cents each I grabbed two. Finally, […]

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Houseplants For the Winter-Weary: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2014

by Kathy Purdy January 15, 2014

I‘ve bought yet another plant after saying I was tired of my houseplants. I pounced on this forced hyacinth in bud while grocery shopping. I didn’t force any hyacinths myself this year because I was short of funds and many of the bulbs I tried to force last year went moldy on me. But right […]

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Tired of Houseplants!: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 2013

by Kathy Purdy December 15, 2013

I have nothing blooming for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Oops. I take that back. My African violet is blooming. It puts out flushes of bloom, despite the fact that I don’t water it very consistently. I just happened to luck out this month.

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8 Plants That Look Good After Bitter Cold: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day November 2013

by Kathy Purdy November 15, 2013

After a mild start to November, we have recently had snow and bitter cold*–down to 15F(-9C) one night and in the low 20s for several others. You would think there would not be any plant worth looking at after that, and you would be mostly right. However, if one looks carefully, there are still some […]

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The Last of the Colchicums

by Kathy Purdy October 20, 2013

As those of you who follow me or the Cold Climate Gardening page on Facebook know, I gave a talk on colchicums yeseterday for the Adirondack Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society, which meets in Ithaca–not the Adirondacks. The day before my talk, I decided to pick any fresh-looking colchicums and take them […]

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Mild October’s Bounty: Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day October 2013

by Kathy Purdy October 15, 2013

This has been a very mild fall. We’ve had the occasional skin-of-the-teeth frost, which means some frost on the back lawn, but not enough to touch the plants in a raised bed, or the stone floor of the front porch, or the back deck, which is a floor above ground level. As a result, a […]

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Colchicum Patrol: Week 6

by Kathy Purdy October 13, 2013

Last but not least, ‘Waterlily’ closes the colchicum season. As I said before, I often don’t get to see this blooming at its best. We often have hard freezes by the time ‘Waterlily’ blooms, reducing it to a sodden brown mush. Yet Bob Brown, in a Gardens Illustrated article, says “if I had to choose […]

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Colchicum Patrol: Week 5

by Kathy Purdy October 6, 2013

Colchicum season is winding down. I only found two new varieties blooming when I went out on patrol. But plenty of the ones I’ve already profiled continue to send up flowers.’Spartacus’ is new this year for me. Right now it has the same pastel color as C. byzantinum, but since I’ve never grown it before, […]

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Autumn Mourning

by Kathy Purdy October 4, 2013

The weather has been glorious. Perfectly blue skies providing a backdrop as the leaves change to their brilliant autumnal colors. It makes my heart sing–and mourn.

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