A Vegetable Wishlist

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In her latest Washington Post column Barbara Damrosch writes It's raining seed catalogues and the forecast is for the downpour to continue well into January. She then starts in on her vegetable wishlist, what she would like to see the "elves" at the "North Pole Experiment Station" tinker with in her favorite vegetables to make [...]

Pushing the Possible

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When growing food, the greatest obstacle a cold climate presents to the gardener is the short growing season. In a classic example of great minds thinking alike, here are two books that address that obstacle with similar approaches. All of the authors live in New England and were influenced by Scott and Helen Nearing and [...]


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As I'm beginning to get started on my seed order this year, I remember that I meant to post on potatoes. Last year, due to the fascinating varieties offered by Fedco, I ordered my potatoes from them instead of Johnny's. Most of you probably know that Fedco is divided into several distinct branches; the seeds [...]

Artichoke Question

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Denise Kemp writes: My brother-in-law gave me an artichoke plant this spring that was given to him. He told me that I need to lift the plant in the fall but didn't have any details on whether to take the leaves off or leave it in dirt or newspaper or what so I'm not sure [...]


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It's NOT A CORNFIELD. Oh, how could you be misled? How could you be so uncouth, so uncivilized, as to not recognize it for what it is: a work of art. Sigh. Only in California* could 28 acres of growing, living Zea mays be not a cornfield! There are two things about this that really [...]