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Can you believe it?

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I got my Thompson & Morgan seed catalog today. Talk about rushing the season! It's usually the first catalog to arrive, but I don't remember it ever coming this early. I must say, the 'Fruit Punch' Oriental poppies on the cover tempt me to break my vow of no more seed starting until the beds [...]

Too Bad for the Broccoli

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Yes, folks, this is going to be a sad post. Better get out your Kleenex. *Sigh.* Particularly sad after last year's broccoli, which was the most wonderful broccoli I'd ever had in my life, no kidding. That was amazing broccoli. First we must set the stage. . . After our terrible flooding (for most of [...]

Hardening my heart.

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I read the bookish gardeners article about seed starting with chagrin. My own seed starting practices have deteriorated over the years. Every seed gets sown in the same conditions, at the same time, somewhere around 6-8 weeks (if I'm running late, I change my last frost date so I am not behind). Apparently, conditions were [...]

Savoring Seeds with the Bookish Gardener

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March blew through with the mood swings of a diva… freeze! thaw! snow! thunderstorms!... “tempera-mental,” indeed. But the weather always turns the corner in April. The garden shows only the earliest signs of green, but spring finally seems plausible, and I’m even emboldened to regard the coming of tulips with the same certainty as taxes. [...]

Spring Can Come Now!

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All of my seeds are here, so now Spring can come. In fact, I'm beginning to get impatient now. . . Fedco had to substitute my Amish pepper for a similar variety. . .I guess a lot of people liked their discription! The things they had to substitute were cheaper, so they also sent two [...]