Pests, Plagues, and Varmints

Ug99: No more cheap white bread

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According to the Cereal Disease Laboratory, there is an emerging virulent stem rust race that is infecting supposedly rust-resistant strains of wheat. It is called Ug99 because it was first discovered in Uganda in 1999. SeedQuest says that About 70 percent of U.S. wheat varieties are thought to be susceptible to Ug99. Between 70 and [...]

Wicked Beauty

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Isn't this a stunning specimen of Polygonum cuspidatum? The generous rainfall we've had this season has brought it into top form. Too bad it's on America's Most Wanted list. Yes, this is Japanese knotweed, aka Japanese bamboo, Mexican bamboo, fleeceflower, and Fallopia japonica. (I've been told that it's also known as privy weed, but I [...]

Spring Panic

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Michelle Owens is right. As soon as spring has sprung, I'm already behind. I used to think, "Oh, there'll be plenty of time for that later." This kind of thinking explains why I was always planting stunted seedlings in July. And then there's the climate. Discerning when mud season ends and spring really begins--well, that's [...]