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Anne Brygger claims to have the northernmost garden on the North American continent. She gardens in Barrow, Alaska. Is that Zone 2? Indeed it is. Plus the average summer temp is around 45F, and day length is about May 10 through August 2 (sunrise to sunset). And we are a poorly drained desert…. Supposedly Fairbanks [...]

Artichoke Question

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Denise Kemp writes: My brother-in-law gave me an artichoke plant this spring that was given to him. He told me that I need to lift the plant in the fall but didn't have any details on whether to take the leaves off or leave it in dirt or newspaper or what so I'm not sure [...]

A Reader Asks for Help

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Kathy Dabb wrote: I have several clematis growing in my garden, and I would like to know what i need to do to winterize these plants. I also have dahlia tubers, hibiscus, and miniature mums that all need to be taken care of to get ready for winter. I live in Ironwood, Michigan on the [...]