Speaking in Manchester, Vermont

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Creating a Cabin Fever Bed cover only

Hello, dear readers! I'll be speaking on Creating A Cabin Fever Bed this Wednesday, September 16th for the Manchester Garden Club at the Manchester Community Library at 1 pm. Would love to see you there! If winter starts too early and spring doesn't come soon enough, if you find yourself pacing indoors and gazing out [...]

Visiting Quebec City

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For the past several days I've been visiting gardens in and around Quebec City in Canada as part of the Garden Writers Association annual symposium. According to this map, the warmest parts of Quebec are USDA Zone 3. I'm not sure I believe that, as many of the plants I've seen in gardens here are [...]

Cold Climate Gardening in Franklin, NY

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Franklin, NY, a gathering spot for passionate cold climate gardeners: who knew? Deborah Banks, a frequent commenter on CCG, knew. She is a member of the Franklin Garden Club, and one of the organizers of a series of garden lectures held over the course of this spring. She invited me to see her garden and [...]

Seventh Annual Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium

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Kerry Mendez just emailed me about the Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium: "Six dynamic garden lectures by nationally recognized speakers, great handouts, food, door prizes, and garden gifts. The event takes place at The Equinox Resort in Manchester, VT. Overnight packages and day only rates available. Speakers include garden designer Julie Moir Messervy; Charlie Nardozzi [...]

Buffa10: Garden Bloggers Meet-Up

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For the third year in a row, garden bloggers from all over the country are gathering to meet face-to-face, this time in Buffalo, NY. Buffa10 officially begins Thursday night, July 8th and extends to Saturday, July 10th. Elizabeth Licata and Jim Charlier are the masterminds behind this garden lover's extravaganza. Check out the blog they've [...]