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Odyssey Bulbs on Martha Stewart

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Odyssey Bulbs has long been a favorite of mine for unusual bulbs (including unusual varieties of colchicum) that you're not likely to find elsewhere--not even at Brent and Becky's. I recently learned it was featured on Martha Stewart's tv show on January 22nd. If, like me, you missed it, you can still view it on [...]

A Vegetable Wishlist

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In her latest Washington Post column Barbara Damrosch writes It's raining seed catalogues and the forecast is for the downpour to continue well into January. She then starts in on her vegetable wishlist, what she would like to see the "elves" at the "North Pole Experiment Station" tinker with in her favorite vegetables to make [...]

A Tale of Two Cities. . .I mean, Catalogs

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So we got this new (meaning, we've never gotten this one before, the company's actually 9 years old) seed catalog in the mail the other day, and I've been elected to post about it. They're called Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and you can find them on the internet here. They're all about rare, organic, old, [...]


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As I'm beginning to get started on my seed order this year, I remember that I meant to post on potatoes. Last year, due to the fascinating varieties offered by Fedco, I ordered my potatoes from them instead of Johnny's. Most of you probably know that Fedco is divided into several distinct branches; the seeds [...]

Can you believe it?

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I got my Thompson & Morgan seed catalog today. Talk about rushing the season! It's usually the first catalog to arrive, but I don't remember it ever coming this early. I must say, the 'Fruit Punch' Oriental poppies on the cover tempt me to break my vow of no more seed starting until the beds [...]


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Today, I came back from shopping, and found a piece of mail for me--an envelope, hand addressed. Hello! I wasn't expecting any letters. . .what's the return address? Fedco! Oh, no!! I sent my order in when it was only a week till thier deadline, I hope they're not telling me I'm too late for [...]