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Bah, humbug

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In my sidebar under "Pecking Order" I used to have a Top 100 Gardening Sites badge. It was an amusing way to keep track of how I stood in relationship to other gardening websites--or so I thought. Recently, a quick check of Garden Rant's Sitemeter revealed that they had far more visitors than this website, [...]

Blogging tips wanted–for garden writers

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As I mentioned recently, I'm going to Oklahoma City this fall to participate in a panel discussion on garden blogs. Yes, these professional writers, accustomed as they are to newspaper, magazine, television, radio, and even marketing work, are a bit intimidated and confused by blogging--so I'm told. Some are downright misinformed. So, along with Mary [...]

Garden Blog Awards

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Colleen of In the Garden Online is starting the Mouse and Trowel Awards, a program "to give recognition to those bloggers, website owners, and retail outlets that add vibrancy, convenience, or pure eye candy to our world." Nominations are currently being accepted. Finalists will be announced on April 13th, and winners announced on May 13th.

Blogging and Copyright Protection series by Lorelle

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Several weeks ago on Garden Rant there was a small storm of indignation regarding the attitude expressed at a garden writers convention that what bloggers write was free for the taking without attribution. Most bloggers are flattered to be quoted, but instances of entire posts being republished somewhere else without permission, or even acknowledgment, are [...]