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Adventures in Flower Arranging

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Anyone can plunk a handful of flowers into a vase and call it an arrangement, and in the past, this is what I have done. True, I had made some attempt to arrange the flowers attractively, but the results could at best be described as rustic or primitive. I wanted something a little more polished [...]

Rundy Needs Your Help

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The Sea is Wide cover

We interrupt our usual garden blogging to bring your attention to a worthy cause. Several years ago, Rundy wrote some posts for this blog. His garden writing dropped off when he left home to care for his grandfather who had Alzheimers. Yes, this young man cooked, bought groceries, spoonfed when necessary, changed diapers, cleaned up [...]

Daffodil: Book Review

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I've got daffodils on my mind. Daffodils and snowdrops. As another several inches of snow fall from the sky, and the temperature once again plummets below zero (Fahrenheit), my craving for spring grows ever stronger, and every night before getting ready for bed, I go to my happy place, the springtime of the mind. One [...]

Drowning in Snow?

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It seems the snow will never stop. We haven't had the huge accumulations that parts of New England have seen, just another couple of inches one day, another couple of inches a few days after that. After a while it does amount to a whole bunch. The sun has been shining more (when it's not [...]

Two Announcements: Vote and Listen!

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Hello, dear readers, I have two brief announcements to share with you. This Monday, January 26, 2015, at 3pm, I'll be speaking with Carmen DeVito and Alice Marcus Krieg on the latest segment of their We Dig Plants! podcast. Update: The podcast has been rescheduled for March 2nd. It will stream live at 3 pm [...]