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Wild Geranium: Wildflower Wednesday

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At our old house, wild geraniums (Geranium maculatum) grew every place the lawn mower left alone. Or at least it seemed that way. It was always a pleasure to see them carpeting the woods in mid-May, but I certainly didn't check daily on their progress, as I did with my carefully collected and cultivated trilliums. [...]

Why Won’t My Forsythia Bloom?

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forsythia close up

The forsythias bloomed later than usual this year, sometimes overlapping with the earliest lilacs--but they did bloom. If yours didn't bloom, here are some things to consider: The flowers for forsythia are set the year before they bloom. That means if you prune your shrub too late in the season, you will cut off the [...]

Video Mishaps: Garden2Blog Adventure with P. Allen Smith

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Garden to Blog poster

If you've been following my back page, you probably already know that I've been invited to the 2014 version of P. Allen Smith's Garden2Blog. I'll be joining twenty-plus other bloggers for two jam-packed days of tours, demonstrations, and workshops, while squeezing in time to get to know my fellow bloggers and P. Allen Smith himself. [...]