Kathy Purdy

Should Gardeners Wear Jewelry?

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Should gardeners wear jewelry? Not while they're gardening. Not if they're smart. At least, they shouldn't wear dangly trinkets that could get caught while the gardener is leaning over weeding, pruning, or digging. But of course, there are plenty of other times when wearing jewelry is perfectly acceptable, such as garden club meetings, plant swaps, [...]

How To Plant Spring Blooming Bulbs In A Pot

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I am always looking to cram more color into spring.So when Longfield Gardens offered me the chance to try 25 Mystic Van Eijk tulips and 50 grape hyacinths, I was happy to take them up on it. But we have a lot of voles and chipmunks around here, which love to eat tulips. We also [...]

Smoke On A Rope: Wildflower Wednesday

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Driving down country roads on the way to town, I noticed what looked like brown fur in many of the shrubs along the road. I finally realized that the "fur" was actually the seedheads of Virgin's bower, Clematis virginiana, which Prairie Moon Nursery fittingly calls "prairie smoke on a rope." Virgin's bower is a native [...]