Judy Miller

Brr! Revisited

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A perfect example of mountain weather: last week it snowed most of the day on Saturday, freezing us thoroughly at the Farmers' Market--and yesterday it was over 90F --parboiling us at the market. Last night we had a hellacious thunderstorm with hail & winds that knocked down trees. At least I won't have to water [...]


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The lilacs are flowering, the robins nesting, the roses budding, the orchids in the woods by the shop budding, --and it is snowing like mad. Another spring day brought to us by north Idaho. Keeps me on my toes ferrying tender plants in & out of the greenhouse--the canary bird and morning glory vines really [...]

Spring Gifts

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We had a good rain last week Friday and the poplars, hydraulically powered, popped out their leaves and now the air smells heavenly. Even shivering in town at the Farmers Market on Saturday we all were mmm-ing over how the scent pervades the air. Of course the grass & dandelions are hydraulic as well. . [...]

Pansy Research/Sources

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I haven't tried the Icicles but I'll look for the seed. (HA! see below). Pansy seed from the glossies is spendy, true, but Stokes comes through often for me as well as HPS (which is a quasi-pro seed co. now in the same conglomerate as Jungs, Totally Tomatoes, Seymours, Vermont Bean Seed Co, etc.). Vesey's [...]

Acclimating rosemary outdoors

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I don't plant/dig/plant the rosemary plants I winter over--I feel it is too hard on them to repeatedly re-establish. So I keep them in pots, large enough for them to be comfortable in and small enough for me to winter inside feasibly. And carry! This also allows me to indulge in pretty pots for the [...]