Should Gardeners Wear Jewelry?

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Should gardeners wear jewelry? Not while they’re gardening. Not if they’re smart. At least, they shouldn’t wear dangly trinkets that could get caught while the gardener is leaning over weeding, pruning, or digging.

But of course, there are plenty of other times when wearing jewelry is perfectly acceptable, such as garden club meetings, plant swaps, and garden tours, to name a few. Recently I was introduced to a line of botanical jewelry designed by Shari Dixon that is perfect for gardeners. The jewelry incorporates pressed flowers into the designs, making it a fabulous way for a gardener to express her love of plants in the off (that is, non-gardening) hours.

The sample I was sent, pictured above, is pewter with an antique silver plating. I chose larkspur because it’s one of my favorite flowers, and I thought it would coordinate well with one of my favorite sweaters. You can see the rest of the choices at Shari’s store.

Shari Dixon larkspur seed packet jewelry

The reverse is fashioned to imitate a seed packet.

Shari Dixon

Shari Dixon

Shari told me, “I am not a gardener but I have had many herb gardens. I worked in restaurants for 13 years and love to cook with fresh ingredients. I have always been inspired by a fresh and lush environment – but unfortunately I never had a green thumb. I adore the natural lifestyle though, as much as I adore fashion, so making jewelry with real botanicals was such a perfect fit for me.”

Shari creates the designs herself in her studio in Memphis, Tennessee but the line is produced in New York, where Shari’s distributor, Four Seasons Design Group, is based. She has many other botanical-based designs in her online store, so if you are looking for a unique gift for a favorite gardener you need to click on over. You’ll probably find something to put on your own wishlist while you’re there.

I was sent a seed packet necklace to review.

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Kathy Sturr of the Violet Fern December 2, 2014, 7:27 pm

Love! I don’t wear much jewelry gardening but when I go out – no where fancy in particular – or for an art reception, I like to wear jewelry. This is beautiful because it is jewelry but also a reflection of the things I love such as gardening, plants – and it’s art! Thank you.