Dirt Couture Has What This Gardener Wants for Christmas

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Spoon MarkersWay back in October Cindy McNatt of Dirt Couture emailed me requesting a mention in my “holiday lineup.” I had already seen some of their silver spoons fashioned into plant markers, which were a little pricey for me, but were unique, so I decided to take a look. There was a badge up at the site announcing that Red Pig tools were coming soon. Now that got my interest. Red Pig Tools are made by Bob Denman. Bob Denman made the best gardening pants I ever owned, Greenknees. I wore them to death, and right at this very minute they should be in the rag bag, but I can’t let them go. I keep hoping they can be used as a pattern to make me another pair, but that is a post for another day. I was searching online for another pair of those pants (a girl can hope) which is how I found out that Bob Denman now makes Red Pig Tools.

Red Pig TrowelBob Denman is a practical man. He not only made the most practical gardening pants I’ve ever worn, he also taught me quite a bit about shovels. So I really believe his trowel will be worth the $42 it will take to own one. It just about makes me faint to write that: forty-two dollars for a trowel. But made by a man who understands physical labor, and understands quality, it will be an investment. If you wouldn’t cook without decent knives (I did cook with lousy knives for decades, but now that I’ve got decent ones, I only regret I didn’t buy decent ones sooner), why plant with a lousy trowel?

Reinhardt trowelBut then I saw Jeff Reinhardt’s trowel. Hand-forged from a railroad spike, it looks beautiful. I could hang it on the wall and not tire of looking at it. That’s a good thing, because I am a bit dubious about that handle. It would either be very comfortable, or very un-comfortable. If it were uncomfortable, I would just hang it on the wall. But at $55, someone is going to have to buy me this. And I hope I forget how much it cost by the time I get one. Oh, and he also makes an equally gorgeous weeder and an elegant herb knife, both slightly more affordable than the trowel.

Daffy Down Dilly printAnd then I saw the Daffy Down Dilly print. Did you know daffodils are my favorite flowers? This print celebrates daffodils in the guise of a faux postage stamp issued by the World Wide Web. I love gardening, I love blogging about gardening, and I love helping other people learn to blog. This is a perfect fit for me! If I don’t find one in my Christmas stocking, I may break down and buy one. Frugality can only take one so far.

After that, I had to stop. I could feel my resistance crumbling. It is clearly not safe to hang around this website for very long if you want to keep your budget intact. You’ve been warned. On the other hand, if someone you love needs a hint about what to give you this holiday, you know where to send them.

P.S. I was glad to see that Dirt Couture added the Hoe-Dag to its lineup on my recommendation. Read my guest post about the Hoe-Dag on the spoga+gafa blog.

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Cindy McNatt December 13, 2010, 11:45 am

Wow. Thanks for the nice words. I’m sending a link to Bob about the pants….

Mr. McGregor's Daughter December 13, 2010, 10:09 am

A trowel that can take all the abuse I dish out is worth $42. I hate when a trowel gets bent just from digging with it. (Am I misusing it? Who cares, that’s how I garden.) I can see great possibilities in beautiful tools as art, but I’m not ready to make the investment.

commonweeder December 13, 2010, 8:43 am

I will have to visit Dirt Couture which sounds like a great place. I got a sample from Hoze Around which I am really happy with because I always smashing plants in the garden when I move hoze around. These very simple hose guides look like just the thing I need. they are unobtrusive but sturdy, and only $20 for 3. I’m giving away a book this week – by Stephanie Cohen and Nancy Ondra. I hope you’ll visit.