September 2009

Here, but not here

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I'm living in an alternate reality called the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium in Raleigh, NC. I get up and get on a bus and am transported to an alien world where the plants are, well, different. I've only got my netbook and my photo editing tools are lame, so more when I get home. [...]

Terra Composter: First Look

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Recently I was sent the Terra Composter, a composting container made by Algreen, a Canadian company. I was particularly interested in checking out their claim that the composter is "designed to withstand a Canadian winter without cracking," because they guarantee it for twenty years. I took a lot of pictures with my daughter's camera as [...]

First colchicum

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My first colchicum is up but hasn't pinked up yet.Most colchicums emerge white and then pink up over the next few days. Did you know I am a colchicum evangelist, spreading the good news of colchicums wherever I go? For some of my earlier messages, check out the archives.