Camassia and Trollius blooming

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Electra camassia and globeflower

Electra camassia and globeflower

Camassia ‘Electra’ is blooming a week earlier than last year, despite the freeze last week. ‘Electra’ came from David Burdick and was planted in 2005. My garden buddy Bub started the globeflowers from seed and gave me two plants, which I have since divided.

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Now, the digging and dividing of perennials, the general autumn cleanup and the planting of spring bulbs are all an act of faith. One carries on before the altar of delayed gratification, until the ground freezes and you can’t do any more other than refill the bird feeder and gaze through the window, waiting for the snow. . . . Meanwhile, it helps to think of yourself as a pear tree or a tulip. You will blossom spectacularly in the spring, but only after the required period of chilling.

~Adrian Higgins in The Washington Post, November 6, 2013

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Annie in Austin May 29, 2009, 10:08 pm

The colors blue and yellow look good together but this combination also has shapes that look great together. I thought it was some kind of ranunculus, Kathy – totally forgot Trollius existed, although a friend of mine had it in her Illinois garden. Guess I have been in TX a long time.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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commonweeder May 29, 2009, 10:14 am

I am unfamiliar with camassia, but I regret not being able to snag any of the globeflower divisions at the two plant sales I volunteered at this spring. I hope I can find some in a local nursery. I also want to let you and your readers know that this morning I posted a Giveaway – and hope I find as many who are interested as you did.

commonweeder’s last blog post..A Timeless Giveaway

commonweeder May 29, 2009, 10:10 am

I am not familiar with camassia, but I’m off to find globeflower this morning. I worked on two plant sales recently but never managed to snag the divisions of this beautiful flower. I’m glad your Giveaway went to well, and I’m hoping the Giveaway I posted this morning will do the same!

commonweeder’s last blog post..A Timeless Giveaway

Mr. McGregor's Daughter May 29, 2009, 5:59 am

They make a great combination. Clearly, I’m not giving my Camassia enough sun. Don’t you just love plants that go from a couple into a lovely swathe?

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter’s last blog post..Early Kickoff to Spring Fling

Zenola May 28, 2009, 8:23 pm

Will squash re seed & come back the next yr? How long does it take for watermelons to grow?