September 2008

Our best apple recipes

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We have three apples trees. They came with the place. That is how I know the secret to good apple pie and crisp is to start with delicious baking apples. When I started using these apples in the same recipes I'd always used, the compliments increased dramatically: "This is the best apple pie (crisp) I've [...]

Butternut squash is the best winter squash

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This is not winter squash:One advantage of homeschooling is that faced with too much zucchini, yellow crookneck, patty pan, and kousa squash, you just bring out the butter knives and conduct art class. Wait to harvest winter squash I had to share that with you, because I don't have any pictures of winter squash. We [...]

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 2008

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The growing season gets a slow enough start around here that many annuals don't really strut their stuff until September. This is a real liability for the frost-sensitive ones like cosmos. I learned to seek out early blooming varieties because the old-fashioned ones often only had two weeks of bloom before shriveling in the first [...]

What to do with Concord grapes

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When we moved to this land, there were some grape vines already growing here. They were slipskin grapes, and if they weren't Concord grapes, they certainly were similar to Concords. That's not too surprising, since the hardiest grape species are slipskin. But you know what? Those kinds of grapes are too tart for me. They [...]

Prizewinners and plant names revealed

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The winners of the Plant Identification Contest have been chosen. Two commenters each won a hand tool I know you want to know if you've won, so let's get that out of the way first. I used a random number generator to pick the names for the two hand tools. The comments are numbered, and [...]

A Berry Good Cake

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Blueberries and blackberries are done for the season. Peaches aren't really local, and apples aren't ready yet. But all those berries in the freezer, well, we're not just going to let them sit there! Fresh or frozen, this cake complements almost any kind of berry, cut up and sweetened to taste. Try it instead of [...]