August 2008

Margaret Roach’s Way to Garden

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I have to say that blogging has brought more surprises to my life than I ever imagined. For instance, I had long enjoyed Margaret Roach's book, A Way to Garden, and had dreamed, no, fantasized, that I might one day visit it on the Garden Conservancy's Open Days. Yeah, right. The other side of New [...]

Too much sweet corn?

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Is there such a thing as too much sweet corn? On Sunday he asked me, "How was the corn you had yesterday for lunch, when I wasn't here?" I said it was getting a little mature. He said, "Oh, I guess I better freeze the rest of it." I had no idea how much was [...]

My entry in the Garden Olympics.

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Here is my entry in Idaho Gardener's Garden Olympics. I have to say, there didn't seem much time to mull things over and pick my three entries. Here's what I came up with under pressure. The Secret Garden Path The path to the Secret Garden fulfills its job of luring you in by looking attractive [...]

Enter the Gardening Olympics

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Mary Ann Newcomer, at Idaho Gardener, is sponsoring what she calls Olympic garden events. Her rules are quirky but eminently attainable: Three rules: 1. You must link back to 2. You must show me the best of the best of your garden. You decide what that is: single plant, single fabulous piece of produce, [...]

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day August 2008

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A lot of the plants from last month are still blooming, though most of them look a bit weather-beaten and are past their peak. Goldenrod, asters, and Joe Pye weed are starting in the fields. A careful inspection of the wooded hillside reveals the first flashes of red. I've always maintained that, for cold climate [...]

Tomatoes in the kitchen

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Tomatoes the Old-Fashioned Way I've been reading the The Little House on the Prairie series to my six-year-old at bedtime. We just happen to be on The Long Winter and were reading "Fall of the Year" just a couple of days ago, where the Ingalls were surprised by an early hard frost. Ma and Laura [...]

Bibor Felho, the purple cloud

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She says, he says She says: "Mom, you'd better cut that plant back. It's blocking the entrance to the house!" He says: "What gorgeous color! Don't touch it! I'd be happy to inconvenience myself for that plant!" I have this dilemma just about every year. To chop or not to chop. Many years ago, I [...]

Plant combinations in containers for 2008

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Improvisational Container Planting I am pretty lackadaisical when it comes to container plantings. I have three window boxes hanging on the porch fence-cum-railing and a rusting metal washtub that I found in the barn when we moved in. I never really plan or purchase plants for these containers. I count on something showing up due [...]

Green Bean Recipes

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We don't have any green beans ready quite yet, though they're getting close. And even when we do have green beans, we're quite happy eating them boiled in water until crisp-tender, drained, and then tossed with garlic sauteed in olive oil, or maybe just butter, salt, and pepper. However, there comes a time in the [...]

First ripe large tomato

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Does this qualify as a ripe tomato? If it does, I think the vegetable gardeners at Purdyville have beat out Carol of May Dreams Gardens for the first tomato. My 23-year-old daughter started the seeds indoors and potted the seedlings on until they were in gallon size pots, maybe larger. Then my husband planted them [...]