July 2008

Summer Squash

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I decided to join the Food Fest hosted jointly by Dinner Tonight and A Way to Garden. So, for the first time ever (well, not quite, there are some pesto recipes here), recipes at Cold Climate Gardening. Clockwise from top left: White Bush Lebanese, Benning's Green Tint Patty Pan, more White Bush Lebanese (I think), [...]

Weeding for the audience

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Every year about this time, the Juneberry bed looks like this: This photo was taken last July, but gives you the general idea: milkweed, musk mallow, lambs' quarters, and a weedy form of evening primrose all detract from the daylilies that are supposed to shine here. Being a detail person, in past years I have [...]

Can you identify this rose?

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My neighbor's rose With our neighbor's permission, my daughter dug up a piece of this rose and planted it in one of our garden beds last year. My neighbor's house is over a hundred years old and it was in the garden there when she moved in over twenty years ago. The blossom pictured above [...]

Fabulous Lettuce This Year

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No thanks to me, but we have been enjoying some fabulous lettuce from the garden lately. Except for one week in early June, it hasn't been especially hot. So it might be the weather, or it might be the varieties, but we're eating salad every day. Salad every day . . . what do you [...]