June 2008

Two Troy-Bilt Tillers

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We grew vegetables for years without a tiller I am not the vegetable gardener in this family. My husband, on the other hand, has been growing vegetables since he was a teen. When we finally moved here, a decade into our marriage, he brought along the front tine rototiller he had purchased as a single [...]

Keeping and organizing garden records

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Reading Carol's description of her plant cataloging project got me thinking about my own efforts to organize my records. When I first started gardening, I used some large index cards to catalog all my plants. I entered the same info Carol did, but didn't include the plant tags. On the back of each card I [...]

Mr. Terra-Cotta needs some new hair

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Meet Mr. Terra Cotta. He came into my life on my most recent birthday. I sowed some chives seeds in his scalp, and they have made for him a hairstyle rather complementary to his astonished expression. However, the chives are ready to be potted on, and Mr. Terra Cotta needs a new "do." Can you [...]

The View From Here

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The view from here is wonderful, as long as my back is to the garden, and my gaze goes across the road, across the far side of the valley. Turn around, and--oh! All sorts of plants in pots, needing to be planted. All sorts of weeds needing to be pulled where the plants are to [...]