September 2007

Landscaping Help for a Toronto Gardener

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Beth Lawrence of Grow See This and her landscape firm Common Ground, are offering to do a landscape job at cost price for one individual or group. As Beth relates Maybe it's someone you know who is elderly, or has other physical challenges. Or perhaps a bunch of renters, whose landlord is too thrifty to [...]

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: September

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Currently blooming in my garden: These flowering tobaccos (aka nicotianas) were grown from seed saved from last year. Petunias, including two full hanging baskets that I bought for a buck each from Lowes in late August. Mallows, all self-sown. Some look like 'Zebrina' and some look like M. sylvestris. Several colors of Phlox paniculata, all [...]

U.S. Drought Monitor website

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I mentioned the Drought Monitor website two years ago, when we were going through a drought. At least, we thought we were, but that Drought Monitor only said "abnormally dry." That's the most disturbing thing about the map. You think you've got it bad, and then you see some other part of the country has [...]

Colony Collapse Disorder: Bee Virus Strongly Correlated

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Update: Bee Virus Story Breaks Earlier this week I brought two informative articles about Colony Collapse Disorder to your attention. Both alluded to a study that scientist Ian Lifkin was involved with, which he was confident would be considered a breakthrough when released. The study that Lifkin referred to hit the news stands today. Here [...]