January 2007

Teaming with Microbes: Take 2

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Oh, dear--I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job reviewing this book, because people are getting the wrong impression. I was in the midst of writing a very long comment to rectify the situation, and decided it would make a better post instead. First of all Mary Ann Newcomer commented: Good grief! I am [...]

Teaming with Microbes: Book Review

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It probably would have taken me a lot longer to get around to reading Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web if Carol hadn't suggested it for the Garden Blogger's Book Club. Partly because I would normally wait until my library got a copy, instead of buying it brand new. Partly [...]

Using spreadsheets in garden planning: Part 4

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In part 3 I showed how to put the finishing touches on a spreadsheet that calculated the potential cost of a plant order in progress. But because of its tabular format, a spreadsheet is often used in situations where a lot of information needs to be organized, even if no calculations are made. Below are [...]

Using spreadsheets in garden planning: Part 1

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I mentioned in a recent post that I use a spreadsheet to plan my garden purchases. Others have mentioned using a spreadsheet to track their seed sowing. But that doesn't help you much if you don't know a spreadsheet from a tablecloth, so let's start right there: a spreadsheet is a computer program that arranges [...]

We have a winner!

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Don of An Iowa Garden gets the prize--uh, actually, there is no prize--gets the glory for the First Snowdrop of 2007, North American Division. Shucks, it's hardly any fun when it's over this early. If anyone had one blooming earlier in January than the 6th, well, did you get a picture? Special mention must go [...]

Seed info

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Spring-like warmth and an absence of snow have conspired to create irresistible conditions for working outside in the garden. But not much beyond a little cleaning, mulching, and pruning can be done, as the soil is soaked and soggy and, as tempting as it is, it’s much too early to sow seeds outside. I’m channeling [...]