November 2006

The Voice of Experience

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Say you just moved from a supposedly more reasonable climate to the far north. Winter is fast approaching; you know you won't be able to get anything done before the snow flies, but you'd sure like to know what you were in for before spring comes. Wouldn't you like one of your new neighbors to [...]

Pop Quiz

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I like quizzes, games, and puzzles and hope you do too. Here’s one I made up. What do the following plants have in common: hosta, allium, phlox, crocus, magnolia, geranium, fuchsia, astilbe, clematis, anemone, gladiolus, hibiscus, iris, impatiens, begonia, canna, dahlia, forsythia, zinnia, petunia, cosmos, wisteria, hydrangea, delphinium, rhododendron? Click on “more” for the answer. [...]