October 2006

Gardening Explained. On Film.

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News flash: There is a snowdrop that blooms in the fall, Galanthus reginae-olgae, Queen Olga's snowdrop. Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck, in the most excellent A Year at North Hill: Four Seasons in a Vermont Garden, confirm that It does indeed bloom in the snow, the first snow, which generally comes about the last week [...]

There’s a Map for It

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Got this email today: About 6 months ago, Mapmuse.com began a project- the interactive mapping of garden centers and nurseries across the US. We initially researched and populated these maps ourselves, with the idea in mind that the public would subsequently add to, and enhance, the information we provided. We mapped each garden center or [...]

Fall Perennials

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Tick-tock, winter is coming. I was greeted at dawn with a few hours of light snow this morning. It melted as it landed, not like the snows that have recently visited Watertown and plagued Buffalo. It is a warning that fall is at a close and winter is coming. I spent this past weekend digging [...]

Gardening Group at LibraryThing

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If you're the type of person who pays attention to sidebars, you probably already know that I'm a member of LibraryThing. (Hint: it's a section called My Bookshelf, and it's only on the sidebars I thought most appropriate.) Over the summer, LibraryThing started a new aspect to their site called "Groups", which I didn't discover [...]

Blogging and Copyright Protection series by Lorelle

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Several weeks ago on Garden Rant there was a small storm of indignation regarding the attitude expressed at a garden writers convention that what bloggers write was free for the taking without attribution. Most bloggers are flattered to be quoted, but instances of entire posts being republished somewhere else without permission, or even acknowledgment, are [...]

Pretty in Pink?

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This is a section of the Birthday Garden, which is a somewhat raised bed sandwiched between the driveway and the house. At the base of the stone wall, looking rather pale, are some Colchicum byzantinum. Above them is an unknown chrysanthemum, which Debi Lampman of Bedlam Gardens in King Ferry, NY gave to me this [...]

Last Call for Annuals

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We’re in the midst of the last warm days of fall giving way to cool and colder weather. Light and medium frosts have been visiting with hard frosts soon to follow. It’s interesting to see how the plants in the garden respond to the weather. Placement and severity of frost have brought an interesting – [...]