April 2006

What’s Up? Dock!

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From this space, roughly five feet wide by six feet deep . . . . . . I dug out all these dock roots (that's a 15-inch ruler) . . . plus this wagon full of rocks . . .plus these additional weed roots, mostly goldenrod This time of year, when the soil is saturated [...]

Signs of Spring

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The Gardener in her Garden Here I am this past Sunday transplanting Lemon Lilies (Hemerocallis flava) from the back of the Birthday Garden to the front of it. They are a very old-fashioned daylily, but not as vigorous as the Tawny Daylily (H. fulva). Although they bloom early for a daylily, they are shorter than [...]

Four Yahoo Groups

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The previous post about registration not being necessary was prompted by an email I got: Hi! I registered to be a part of your Zone 1-3 group and I haven't heard yet whether or not I was accepted. Last I checked my membership was still pending. Wondering what is up and what I should do [...]

My Gardening Things

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Thanks to the Garden Djinn, I learned a new song and a new word today. My Gardening Things is sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the film The Sound of Music. My Gardening Things Catalogs breeding and seedlings are sprouting Weeds have arisen and beds are a-calling Spring has erupted and bitten [...]

Spring Panic

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Michelle Owens is right. As soon as spring has sprung, I'm already behind. I used to think, "Oh, there'll be plenty of time for that later." This kind of thinking explains why I was always planting stunted seedlings in July. And then there's the climate. Discerning when mud season ends and spring really begins--well, that's [...]

What to put in your Homemade EarthBox(TM)

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Shirley Glaudo writes: I am working on building a homemade earth box. I would appreciate the "recipe"to fill the box.. what kind of soil, how do you determine how many plants and I hear you put fertilizer on top of the soil but what kind - 8-32-16? When and how do you water. I will [...]