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There are lots of spots on our property that need a bench that don’t have one yet. The most I’ve done so far to rectify this is to collect plans for building garden benches. Yesterday I got the latest issue of Lowe’s self-published magazine, The Woodpost. (You can sign up here if you’re interested.) In it, there was a plan for making a garden bench that seemed pretty simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on their website. (I suspect it will eventually be here.) But in the course of looking around for it, I found plans for a different garden bench that actually looks a little more classy, but is probably also more difficult to make. If you check the Outdoor column of this list, you will find several other projects to enhance your garden–arbors, pergolas, windowboxes and the like.

No, I don’t work for Lowe’s and I’m not getting paid by them. I just read my junk mail.

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Dianne Sperling August 21, 2006, 8:19 am

I’m an unabashed alley picker for additions to my garden. Last year I found a wooden couch frame. Brought it home, sanded it and painted it using deck paint (needs no primer). Added cushions. It’s “end table” is an old milk can that someone gave me when cleaning out their garage. I’d rather spend money on plants; although, there again, free is better. This spring, my best alley find was a young shrub that someone bought and then decided it didn’t fit in their garden. Some people just have too much money.

Alice Nelson March 10, 2006, 7:54 pm

My outdoor bench is certaily not classy but does the trick. The base is a long packing crate made of 2×4’s and the top is an old piece of countertop, and it didn’t cost us anything but a wiling husband to put it together. It backs up to our dog run, which has a roof over it and this makes a nice higher shelf for stuff.
Practical, anyway. The one I have in our small Michigan cellar isn’t classy either, or as large, but it also serves the purpose.