December 2005

What’s that in Fahrenheit?

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Did you see Alice's comments in the post for Dec. 21st? Were you left scratching your head, wondering what 33C or 38C was in Fahrenheit? Or are you from one of those more advanced countries using the metric system, and when Judy says "it's been hanging around zero for a few weeks," do you wonder [...]

Rundy the Northeast Cowboy

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Once again, occasional contributor Rundy is gaining exposure through the quilt of the same name created by Marilyn Belford. This time he shows up on the website of a Syracuse tv station. Their video section currently features a news short on the Quilts=Art=Quilts exhibit at the Shweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY, where "Rundy" is [...]

Long-stemmed Pansies: Who Knew?

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Judy, how did you ever even know there were such things as pansies with long stems suitable for cutting? I always thought short-stemmed pansies were just the way they were, though, come to think of it, I have seen rather leggy Johnny-jump-ups, and they are near kin.

It’s the little things that bug me

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Every magazine has those subscription cards bound into them. I find them annoying, and I usually tear them out as soon as I can. Fine Gardening used to be different, though. Their bound-in subscription cards used to have a perforation close to the binding, so that they could be cleanly torn out. Not only that, [...]

Speaking of Pansies

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While hunting up long-stemmed pansies instead of the flat pansy-colored blobs on offer nowdays in most catalogs, I came across enough re-naming of varieties to make my head swim. And enough 'Marketers Gone Bad' examples to make me laugh out loud. First, the re-naming: Bingos are now Matrix, Baby Bingos are Panache & Panolas, and [...]

Weather Blogs

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WeatherUnderground has provided space for weather nuts to blog about their interest for a while now, but recently they started featuring blogs authored by real meteorologists. I've been following Eastern And Midwestern U.S. Winter Weather Blog and really enjoying the peek behind the curtain. Turns out the weathermen aren't always so certain of the forecast [...]