November 2005

Poor Man’s GPS

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Almost a month ago, when the first snow was predicted for the "higher elevations," I got a hankering to know exactly how high we are here in Purdyville. The easiest way, of course, is to get out your handy-dandy GPS (Global Positioning System) and take a reading. Alas, I don't own one of these fascinating [...]

Three new gardening blogs

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It used to be that every time I added a new gardening blog to my directory I would also announce it here. That hasn't been the case for quite a while now. I have been adding new blogs to the directory as I learn about them (usually via author email) but I don't mention it [...]

Joined at Birth?

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On Thursday the 3rd I decided to move the first of several Oriental lilies. As I mentioned here, I wanted to move them out of an area that I am going to make over into a shrub border. These lilies have been on the northwest side of a very well established lilac bush since they [...]