September 2005

Happy About Rain

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We got a bit over an inch of rain September 25-26 and we are expected to get more tomorrow. After that, there will be a nice sunny stretch in which to get garden chores done. (Big hint to self.) We don't have a completely normal water table yet, but we have somewhat relaxed our rationing [...]

Colchicum Foliage

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How could this happen? After explaining to Zoey in the comments of this post what colchicums were, I realized I had never shown what the foliage looks like. It's not exactly breathtaking, so I don't have many photos of it to share. I had to scan in this photo, which was taken in my very [...]

Immortalized in Thread

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Marilyn Belford's latest quilt is a likeness of contributor Rundy. Rundy often helps her with computer and handyman related problems, so she was quite familiar with his habits and features, though she did work from a photograph to make the quilt. If, like me, you are wondering what that plant is in the background, wonder [...]

First Colchicum of 2005

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This is my first colchicum of the year. It appears the Bookish Gardener beat me, as she is displaying a whole clump to my single blossom. To my eye, they are the same plant: Colchicum byzantinum. To your eye, the colors of the two flowers are different; her image is more accurate. Also, you can't [...]