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This is bugging me so much I actually was dreaming about it, so I hope you can help. I still can’t figure out on which blog I read about the weeding poppies rule (see previous post). I think it is the same blog that posted about Campanula rapunculoides, the Roving (to put it mildly) Bellflower. So can anyone tell me which gardener blogged about the Roving Bellflower in the past couple of months? They had photos of the roots and said they had to get it out of their rock walls.

Sixty percent chance of rain today. I hope that means 60% chance of steady rain today, and not 60% chance of sprinkles.

I am going to upgrade my version of WordPress today, so this blog may be temporarily unavailable.

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Kathy Purdy July 7, 2005, 10:25 am

Well, Zoey, I’m glad to hear I wasn’t imagining things. I had already been to your blog at least twice looking for that post, and couldn’t find it. I just went back again and scrolled through Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, and July of this year and still didn’t find it! So do you think you could post the permalink to that post? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t write about the poppies. It is quite possible that I just read the two posts in the same surfing session and associated them in my mind.

For anyone else reading these comments, Zoey’s excellent blog can be found by clicking on her name in her comment above.

Zoey July 6, 2005, 9:45 pm

Hi Kathy, I think you may be talking about me. I did blog about the creeping bellflower and had pics of the roots growing under the rocks. I don’t believe I was the one with the weeding poppies rule…if I was, I don’t remember it!