June 2005

Sweet Pea Gardens

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Found via Maine Gardener: Sweet Pea Gardens. They only sell seeds and books via mail order, but if you're going to be in the area, they sell lots more than just sweet peas (though that's a very good start). I've always wanted to grow sweet peas along the chicken fence. I did try one year [...]

Thought Provoking List

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Found via Marmalade.ca: Ten things that gardening has taught me. I strongly agree with some of the items on the list, and disagree with others. I think plenty good can be said about weeding, and I don't think "geraniums are to gardening what parsley is to cooking." But then, I use parsley for flavoring, not [...]

Mystery Tree

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I went grocery shopping with my husband last Sunday, and in the parking lot we saw some trees blooming with cream colored panicles of flowers reminscent of lilacs. The blossoms weren't heavily fragrant, but smelled a bit like lilac, too. Driving home, I saw the same trees blooming in a local park--but what were they? [...]

Weather Whining II

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Our nasty, hot sticky weather--high 90s for days and days on end, coupled with so much humidity the hill across the street was covered in a white haze--has finally broken. Quite dramatically. Now we've been getting days where the warmest it gets is into the low 60s. There was no transition at all; it is [...]

Bibor Felho: Now I Know!

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Mr. Hinsley, the publisher of the Malvaceae Info site that I mentioned in my previous post, emailed me concerning the meaning of Bibor Felho, and addressed himself to other statements in my blog entry that I didn't bring up in the email. He is better at search engine use than I am. He searched on [...]