May 2005

Mooseys Gardening News Desk

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Moosey's has done what I have always dreamed of doing, but never had the skill or the time to pull off. They have assembled a collection of gardening newsfeeds in one convenient location for your perusal and enjoyment. If you don't even want to know what an RSS feed is, much less set up a [...]

Bank Garden in April

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When I wrote about the bank garden in March, it was still winter. Now spring, with all her vagaries has come to Halcott, and of course that means mild breezes kissed by the warm sun, followed by cold stinging sleet. Ah, the duplicities of spring, the perfidies of prima vera! The bank was battered by [...]

Santa came today

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Okay, it wasn't really Santa Claus. It was just the mail lady and the UPS man, bringing my two plant orders of the season on the same day. But I felt the same excitement I had felt as a kid on Christmas morning as I made my way down the stairs, wondering if Santa had [...]