May 2005


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My 'America' spinach has withstood my torments much better than the 'Olympia' spinach. I had trouble with the 'Olympia' dampening off, to begin with. (I did start them inside; more on that later.) The 'America' looks settled in, but the 'Olympia' looks like it's hanging by a thread. I actually wanted 'Tyee', but Fedco was [...]

Gardener in Boston asks for help

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This just came in my mailbox: I just stumbled across this site, and it's great. I am desperate to ask some of the gardeners what to do about my poor tomatoes, but cannot figure out how to post. [Ed. note: You have to register and then be approved before you can post, but anyone can [...]

More Weather Gripes

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I ought to be going to bed, so this will shorter (for me). I find it highly annoying that we can go from having 86 degree weather one afternoon to having a 23 degree night, in less than 48 hours. It just isn't fair. It also isn't fair that even though it says on the [...]

My Grandmother’s Garden

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Josephine LaFemina

Today is my grandma's 98th birthday. I originally wrote this essay for a Fine Gardening contest (which I didn't win), and decided to revise it and share it with you in honor of her special day. It's funny how gardens are such emotional things. You enter some gardens and feel as though you are in [...]


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Several years ago, while passing time in a waiting room, I read a quote in Garden Design that went something like this: "Gardening [or was it farming?] is the only socially acceptable form of gambling." Ever since, I have regretted that I did not copy this quote verbatim or, at the very least, commit the [...]

Too Bad for the Broccoli

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Yes, folks, this is going to be a sad post. Better get out your Kleenex. *Sigh.* Particularly sad after last year's broccoli, which was the most wonderful broccoli I'd ever had in my life, no kidding. That was amazing broccoli. First we must set the stage. . . After our terrible flooding (for most of [...]

The Rest of my Plant Order

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This is a continuation of the post started on May 4th. Over the past couple of days it's dawned on me that my plant acquiring habits have changed. When I started out gardening, I drew a map of my first bed to scale and decided on a color scheme. Then I looked through the catalogs [...]

Mooseys Gardening News Desk

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Moosey's has done what I have always dreamed of doing, but never had the skill or the time to pull off. They have assembled a collection of gardening newsfeeds in one convenient location for your perusal and enjoyment. If you don't even want to know what an RSS feed is, much less set up a [...]