April 2005

How to Get Started with RSS Feeds

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I have just read the best tutorial I have ever seen on getting started with using RSS feeds by subscribing to them through Bloglines. I have long advocated using a feed reader (which is what Bloglines is) to keep up with the many gardening blogs that are out there now, but I always felt I [...]

The Grand Tour

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You probably have a Grand Tour of your own, even if you don't think of it in terms of "grand." It usually starts with drinking something hot in a mug and looking out the window. Somehow you find yourself outdoors, checking things out, and you're "only going to be a minute." Your feet know the [...]

Hardening my heart.

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I read the bookish gardeners article about seed starting with chagrin. My own seed starting practices have deteriorated over the years. Every seed gets sown in the same conditions, at the same time, somewhere around 6-8 weeks (if I'm running late, I change my last frost date so I am not behind). Apparently, conditions were [...]

Savoring Seeds with the Bookish Gardener

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March blew through with the mood swings of a diva… freeze! thaw! snow! thunderstorms!... “tempera-mental,” indeed. But the weather always turns the corner in April. The garden shows only the earliest signs of green, but spring finally seems plausible, and I’m even emboldened to regard the coming of tulips with the same certainty as taxes. [...]

Ready or not, here I go!

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This is my last Movable Type post. I'm going to export this weblog. Then I'm going to import it into WordPress. If all goes well, you will find it here: http://www.coldclimategardening.com/index.php. That "php" will be very important until I get the rest of the website incorporated into a cohesive whole. My RSS feed will change, [...]