March 2005


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The other day I was looking for a website that had a good tutorial on how to start a blog along with a description of the major blogging programs. I googled the phrase "how to start a blog" and was really amazed at how many of the hits were business sites. Blog as sales tool, [...]

Cold Climate Roses

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Thanks to Kent Swanson of Organic Rose Gardening, I discovered a whole site devoted to the rose hybridizing work of Griffith Buck. Dr. Buck developed roses that were pretty hardy (definitely to Zone 5, and often to Zone 4) and disease resistant. I thought he bred them for fragrance, as well, but I wasn't sure [...]

WiseAcre Gardens

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I kid you not. WiseAcre Gardens: An Unusual Site Planted by a Blooming Looneytic is the name of the website. Half gardening website, half homage to Looney Tunes cartoons, the design of this site is a bit too--er, busy for my taste. Nevertheless, located north of the Adirondacks, the owner of this site has some [...]

Great Alaskan Garden Site

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David Goodgame asked me to take a look at Gardening, Alaskan Style, his personal website. The first thing you see is a photo of the summer garden he has created with Edith. If you didn't know it was Alaska, you'd say, "Wow! Let's move there--it looks like a great place to garden!" Roses, peonies, delphiniums [...]


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Today, I came back from shopping, and found a piece of mail for me--an envelope, hand addressed. Hello! I wasn't expecting any letters. . .what's the return address? Fedco! Oh, no!! I sent my order in when it was only a week till thier deadline, I hope they're not telling me I'm too late for [...]