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Thanks to Don of Hands in the Dirt, I learned of The Garden State. Yes, gardening is a state of mind, but it’s also what New Jersey likes to call itself, and what Suzette quite aptly decided to name her blog. A serious gardener who doesn’t take herself too seriously, she manages to work ” my non-artificial fingernail. It’s not glamorous, but it is still very, very attractive in an understated way” and a plea for the legal preservation of full-service gas stations into less than a dozen (so far, but hopefully not for long) posts. Just wacky enough to keep you off balance without degenerating into over-the-topness, and she knows (and loves) her plants. I bet a lot of my readers could relate to A Natural-Born Gardener.

Following a link from The Garden State, I found myself at Laurie’s Garden. It was late last night and I merely skimmed the first page, but this caught my eye: “I don’t need it, have no room for it, nothing to grow it on, no excuse to acquire one and so you know that that means—Yup. By next year, I’ll have bought one. Never let a little thing like reality slow you down, that’s this gardener’s motto!!” Definitely worth further investigation, and I need to figure out who Mavis and Fang are.

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