October 2004

Missing, but not forgotten

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I am determined to wrap up the colchicum season in a timely manner and get my colchicum books out of the dining room, where they've been banging around near the computer for easy reference. There is only one colchicum still blooming, and that is 'Waterlily.' She is always the last, and often looks the worse [...]

Bulb mania

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I have planted 400 crocuses (half vernus), 60 daffodils (Tete a Tete and Earlicheer (20ct on sale for no money at Wayside)), 100 iris reticulata(Harmony), and about 15 hyacinths (L'Innocense) so far. Tomorrow I get my Brent and Beckys order - 50 N. Sweetness and 50 N. some early blooming jonquil linnaeus or campernelli something, [...]

Another white one

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This is the white form of Colchicum speciosum which, just as with the white form of byzantinum, is called 'Album.' Like the typical speciosum, the flower is taller and larger than the typical byzantinum, and not nearly as generous with its blossoms, at least this year. They're elegant and demure, above the kind of flopsy [...]

Colchicum byzantinum ‘Album’

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Some of you may recall that my first acquistion of Colchicum byzantinum 'Album' was an impostor. This beauty is undoubtedly the real thing. Not only is it white, but it has the same structure of petals and general floriferous character of the species. I just received and planted this earlier this autumn from Odyssey Bulbs, [...]

Pigweeds, indeed!

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Just came across A Manual of Gardening by Liberty Hyde Bailey online. Presumable this is in the public domain, although it is never stated on the website. I only read a bit of it, but that bit brought a smile to my face: "The satisfaction of a garden does not depend on the area, nor, [...]

British Garden Blog

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Andrew Stenning Gardening & Design is the latest garden blog in the current spate that seems to be coming to my attention, brought to my notice by Andrew himself in an email. Going to his site, I was a bit puzzled at first. Turns out he posts his entries in the comments section. So you [...]

Colchicum ‘Poseidon’

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Russell Stafford of Odyssey Bulbs describes this as "a superior selection whose rich violet flowers are among the deepest in hue of any colchicum's. . . . It is of robust constitution." Well, it does seem robust, but not any deeper in color than say, 'Zephyr.' It seems like color is such a moving target. [...]

Another garden blog

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Blog discoveries come in waves, it seems. Tender Dirt was mentioned in a recent Bookish Gardener post. They both have a thing about rabbits. Rabbits, voles, woodchucks, deer--we all have our favorite villain. And the ones that claim to love all animals, share and share alike, etc., well, you can be sure they have a [...]