July 2004

Garden Fantasies

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Maybe it was Chan's recent Taste Test. Or maybe it's the fact that I should be writing the grocery list. (I always get my best ideas when I'm supposed to be doing something else, don't you?) Anyway, I just came up with a list of garden-related dreams/fantasies that have been banging around my head for [...]

In the Garden

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It took me approximately 5 hours to plant 5 plants yesterday, but boy, did I have fun. They were mail-order plants that I potted on soon after I got them, because I knew it would take me a while to clear out the place where I intended them to go. But even though they had [...]

Just for fun

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Perhaps it's a sign that the garden blog genre is maturing . . . perhaps not. Nevertheless, I was delighted when the Bookish Gardener threw down the gauntlet and offered this "taste test"--except it's not all about taste. (See my objections at the end.) What you do is, copy her list into your own blog, [...]