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Due to the crazy weather, all my tulips are blooming at once, and it is quite delightful. I have taken pictures with an old fashioned film camera, so if I get them developed, I will post pictures. I will also have pictures to look at when there is nothing but dying tulip foliage to look at.

My hardening off is going at an accelerated pace, meaning, I can’t stand all these damn seedlings and they are going out the door whether they are ready or not. I have them in a shady part of the house, just the hardier ones, and some look a little stressed out, but so am I, so just deal with it!

Dandelions are taking over!!!

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Until recently, Rosemarie Hanson gardened in the alkaline soil of New York’s North Country. Now she gardens in the Finger Lakes region of NY, where the soil is acid and the deer are a plague! She is particularly interested in fragrant plants, old garden roses, tulips, gardening for kids, and kitchen gardens.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

~Albert Camus in Albert Camus quotations

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