March 2004

More seeds

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I mentioned ordering more tomato seeds. I am trying Park's Whopper. I received seeds from Park in about 5 days. It has been over a week now, and I haven't received what I ordered from Burpee. From the looks of things, I won't get those Walls o' Water out anytime soon. We've 8-10" more of [...]

It pays to check the sidebars

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It pays to check out the sidebars of the blogs you visit. That's how I discovered Diary of a Plain Dirt Gardener, which was listed on the sidebar of Hands in the Dirt. Paul Krantz, author of DPDG, happens to be the Executive Editor for Better Homes and Gardens Online and Midwest Living Online, so [...]

There Oughtta Be a Word For It

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Tuesday morning at precisely 8 o'clock it started snowing, and didn't stop until it dumped a good seven inches on us. No surprise to any long-term residents around here, who are mostly grateful that it wasn't a blizzard. Two big clues that winter is not returning in force: the light is all wrong and the [...]

Seed planting

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I wanted to get my tomatoes started so I could put them out in Walls o'Water a month early. Had some Early Girl seed left but not the others I thought I had. So I quickly place a couple of seed order. My favorite small tomato is Gardener's Delight, which Park used to carry. Now [...]

A British Gardening Blog

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This is probably not the only British gardening blog out there, but it's one of the few that has a link to my blog, enabling me to find it by looking at my stats. Jane Perrone, a writer for the Guardian, has recently started a blog called Horticultural. C'mon, Jane, as a writer you surely [...]

Another new contributor

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Alice Nelson will also be contributing her insights and experiences as a cold climate gardener. Alice is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You can read a little more about her and her gardening situation in the comments to the previous post about Paul, our other new contributor, and I'm sure she'll be filling in [...]

New Contributor

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I've just invited Paul Apfelbeck of Alaska to join this blog and contribute his experiences gardening in a very cold climate. I'll let him introduce himself and describe his gardening conditions. I hope we'll be hearing from you frequently, Paul!

The first blossom of 2004

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Well, the first blossom was a snowdrop, but it wasn't any of the snowdrops I've been checking on regularly. It was a clump of double snowdrops given to me by my garden buddy Bub, which I had planted near my Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea' (now deceased) and had forgotten about. This bed is located in the [...]

Gardening Conferences

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The link to the Hort. conference in Idaho is dysfunctional now. Fitting for a state that schedules its Nursery Association conference in January every year. Would you drive nearly 500 miles over icy mountain roads to sit in meetings for a week? Neither would I. Luckily, there was a nice sustainable ag conference much nearer [...]