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A certain person is amused by my measuring the receding snow level above the snowdrops in the Secret Garden. He doesn’t seem to realize this is strictly professional curiosity. This is, after all, a weblog about cold climate gardening, and my tromping in the snow, yardstick in hand, is solely in the interest of journalistic accuracy. So this has nothing to do with my bean-counter propensities. And nothing to do with cabin fever. Just so that’s clear.

Now, on to the report. The snow over the snowdrops in the Secret Garden is down to 4 3/4 inches and the snow over the driveway peony bed (home of Rozella and friends) has receded, revealing many crocus sprouts. The tension mounts: will the first bloom be a crocus or a snowdrop? Stay tuned . . .

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Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. She would be delighted to speak to your group about colchicums or other gardening topics. Kathy’s been writing since 4th grade, gardening since high school, and blogging since 2002.

Now, the digging and dividing of perennials, the general autumn cleanup and the planting of spring bulbs are all an act of faith. One carries on before the altar of delayed gratification, until the ground freezes and you can’t do any more other than refill the bird feeder and gaze through the window, waiting for the snow. . . . Meanwhile, it helps to think of yourself as a pear tree or a tulip. You will blossom spectacularly in the spring, but only after the required period of chilling.

~Adrian Higgins in The Washington Post, November 6, 2013

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