January 2004

Havin’ a Heatwave

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It is now 50+ degrees warmer than it was a few days ago and the snow is cannonading off the roof like thunder. Finally relinquishing its hold on the trees, it is dropping off in showery gusts. This is a relief as a crystal thaw has been forecast. Trees heavy with snow, then coated with [...]

Record Keeping

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I use a database to keep track of seed varieties, germination requirements, methods, problems etc. At somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 items sown per season, the database is a lifesaver. Bookish Gardener, show this to your husband and he can relax some! I started keeping the list to keep me from ordering [...]

January Chill

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They say January is the coldest month of the year around here. This morning when I got up it had dropped down to -22 degrees. (That is Fahrenheit folks.) It actually might have been a little colder than -22, but our digital outdoor thermometer doesn't go any lower. It didn't get much colder, however, because [...]

Confessions of Another Seedaholic

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The Bookish Gardener has recently posted her seedlist. And her husband was complaining about how many seeds she's bought. He doesn't know how good he's got it. What if she was a hosta-holic? One latest-and-greatest hosta probably costs more than all her seed orders combined. She keeps track of her seed sowing using a spreadsheet, [...]

Fedco Seeds

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I only order from Jungs as a last resort. But have you checked out Fedco Seeds? They have your Hydrangea, and incredible seeds cheap. They only download catalogs, so until we got cable, I couldn't really look. Amazing!!!!


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Seed catalogs are terribly hard to resist, I know. Lynda and I refer to ourselves sometimes as the 'co-dependant gardening society' for our excessive plant habits. I over-extended myself and the gardens last year (last several years!) by sowing/growing too many things. One of the things that went by the wayside was flowers just for [...]

To Seed or Not to Seed

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I am trying to abstain from seed starting this year. I still haven't gotten my garden back into shape, and I am loathe to take on the additional time consumption of growing by seed until I feel matters are under control outside, at least, as "under control" as they've ever been. Sure, there's plenty of [...]

My Picks

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Pathetically, I have finished my order list. I found a bunch of stuff in Territorial that I liked, and I am not too concerned about climate difference. Even though I am 2 hours North of Kathleen, I am a block from Lake Ontario, and fancy myself a barely Zone 5. Johnny's is more expensive these [...]