January 2004

Rediscovered: Notes from Zone 4

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This is what I get for browsing all my blogs from a feed reader (aka aggregator). I had stopped getting feeds from Notes from Zone Four. I did check back every so often, but apparently not often enough. They are now publishing their blog here, in some kind of new venture called gardenporn. They posted [...]

“Blah,” said Toad

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(Anyone who doesn't know what that means has missed out on the best children's books ever written. For proper pronunciation, you should hear Arnold Lobel say it.) As far as I am concerned, we have now reached the worst part of winter (and winter never starts to get better till it ends). It's not so [...]

Colchicum atropurpureum

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Yes, colchicums again. Or still. I can't help it. When I start a project I like to finish it. And the box with all my colchicum books and notes has been banging around first the dining room, and then the living room, for far too long. Ask Collin, who has to clean the dining room, [...]

Mega Collection of Links

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When cold climate gardeners can't garden, they surf! The Web Resources section of the Horticulture and Crop Science department of Ohio State University has put together a stellar collection of links for your surfing pleasure. If the choice is overwhelming, start with the Professional Resources section. Even if you do nothing but surf, you'll be [...]

North Country Gardening Broadcasts

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Ro probably already knows about the Gardening Conversations broadcast by North Country Public Radio. Apparently this radio station regularly broadcasts conversations with the local Cooperative Extension horticulturalists on topics relevant to all cold climate gardeners. My only regret is you have to listen to the broadcast; transcripts are not available. I always process information better [...]

New Gardening Blog

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Has anyone else been reading Toward a green thumb? If so, why didn't you tell me? I want to know about every gardening blog out there. I collect them. And one day, real soon now, I am going update my Garden Blog page. The archives for this blog go back to September, so while it's [...]


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Check out the beautiful narcissus at Zanthan Gardens. These are the flowers that us northerners force in pots and must then throw out because it gets too cold for the beauties to winter over. My oldest son, who works in the grounds department of the local psych center and gets "stuck" planting the flowers, once [...]