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The Cook’s Garden arrived in my mailbox today. I have always had success with their seeds, and I like the selection they offer, but frankly, they have to compete with Johnny’s for my seed purchases, and usually Johnny’s wins. Johnny’s seems to be more directly aimed at the cold climate grower; I can’t remember which of them comes out ahead on price. Cook’s seems to have a nicer flower selection, and I’ve been wanting to try their snapdragons for years. The absolutely best thing about the Cook’s Garden catalog, however, is that it has prints by Mary Azarian on almost every page.

I just love her work! Years ago I got a catalog in the mail of what she currently offered. She sold an address book at the time based on many of her alphabet prints. I have always regretted not buying it when it was available. For an address book it was expensive, but as a piece of original art it was actually affordable (twelve bucks, tops) and–be still, my frugal heart–practical as well.

Ah, well, live and learn. I love the “Narcissus” cottage garden print especially, and the “Domestic Angel,” and “Reading in Bed.” Actually it’s hard to stop listing favorites. The calendar would be wonderful, too, but twenty bucks for a calendar? When Lowe’s has been sending me one for free? See? The miser wins out over the aesthete every time.

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