December 2003

December in the garden

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I always laugh when I read those articles: "Color in your winter garden". That would be . . .white. And really, all the plants need to be tall. Otherwise they look exactly like the hayfield, which is developing pressure ridges from drifting. One lovely thing about winter in the north is that there is no [...]

Jung Seeds

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I have to admit I'm ambivalent about Jung. The prices are very appealing, but you know that saying, "You get what you pay for?" The last time I ordered flower seed from Jung, it seemed it hadn't been rogued out very good. The 'Seashell' cosmos didn't have many with seashells, and I think some other [...]

The Cook’s Garden

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The Cook's Garden arrived in my mailbox today. I have always had success with their seeds, and I like the selection they offer, but frankly, they have to compete with Johnny's for my seed purchases, and usually Johnny's wins. Johnny's seems to be more directly aimed at the cold climate grower; I can't remember which [...]


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Okay, it has nothing at all to do with gardening, but I found this article on the front page of yesterday's Wall Street Journal so amusing that I just had to share it with somebody. At first, I thought I'd just email a message to a few of my punctuation-loving friends, but I finally decided [...]

Parks Seeds Came Today

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Parks is owned by Wayside, which also owns The Cook's Garden. If they own anything else, let me know. I like to keep track of these liasons. Did you know there are two versions of the Park's catalog? A bigger one and a smaller one. I think I have the bigger one. It's 132 pages [...]

For the bookworm in you

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Just discovered The Bookish Gardener, a wonderful blog by a gardener who loves books--or is she a bookworm who loves to garden? Anyway, if you love books and love gardening, and especially love gardening books, this is a must read. She has my taste in books; she loves all the cranks: Henry Mitchell, Christopher Lloyd, [...]

Bluestone Perennials

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The Bluestone Perennials catalog came today. This company sells plants in three- and six-cell packs at lower prices. I cut my baby gardening teeth on Bluestone's plants. They were common enough that I could be sure they were easy to grow, and affordable enough that I wasn't afraid of killing them. Way back in 1987 [...]

Catalog Cascade

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Yes, they've already started. I got Pinetree Garden Seeds and Thompson & Morgan before Thanksgiving. Today it was McClure & Zimmerman, Seymour's Selected Seeds, Totally Tomatoes, and Vermont Bean Seed Company. I believe they are all owned by the Jung Seed Company, which also seems to own Roots & Rhizomes, Horticultural Products and Services, and [...]