September 2003

Autumn Herald and Violet Queen

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These were the next two to bloom after 'Autumn Queen'. 'Violet Queen' I've had for a while. According to E. A. Bowles in Crocus & Colchicum, which is considered to be the definitive book on colchicums, 'Violet Queen' "has long pointed segments closely tesselated [that means checkered] on a bluish lilac ground contrasting pleasantly with [...]


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This time of the year ushers in the beginning of my reading season. The daylight is less to be outside in, the chores are (supposedly) winding down, and the gardening books at the library are all checked in. 'Regular' gardeners are turning their attention to other topics so I find books I didn't know the [...]

Playing Catch-up

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My original intention was to photograph each colchicum variety at its peak and post on it that same day. Events such as rain, my back trouble, and the fact that I am the IT person for the family computer conspired to throw me off track, not to mention the usual duties of a homeschooling mother [...]

Christopher Lloyd

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Christopher Lloyd and I apparently share the same philosophy: "We're so restricted in so many areas of our lives ? have fun with gardening." Well, that comes pretty close to Kathy's First Rule of Gardening, which is, "If it's not fun, don't do it. Don't turn your hobby into a chore." This article by Valerie [...]

Back trouble

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I spent September 11th and 12th moving daylilies from Kathy's Folly to the Juneberry bed before an impending rainstorm. Mission accomplished, but not without straining my back. Why this time? I mean, the work I did those two days was the same I'd been doing for the rest of the daylilies I moved earlier. The [...]

Bits of News for the Mildly Curious

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--My little new apple tree was chomped by a deer again. Not so bad as the first time, but it seems I should take up hunting. --A good apple harvest is coming in on the full grown apple trees. I am very happy. Estatic, maybe. --Half of my corn produced, the second half I planted [...]