July 2003

The Willow Tree Comes Down

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This year seems to be a year for storms--from January snow storms that take down huge swaths of pine trees to summer thunderstorms which also take down trees. On the fourth of July there was a violent rainstorm that took out the power in our area for four hours. We weren't at home then, but [...]

The Ladies

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I'd like you to meet three special friends of mine: Aimee Bev Rozella I purchased 'Aimee' (actually 'Aimee's Pink') from Brent and Becky's Bulbs in autumn of 2000. It has taken her a while to build up strength, though I suspect if last year hadn't been so bad for spring flowers (with temps in the [...]

More Garden Passion

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--I planted the second half of my corn. I'm not feeling so distraught over the issue of whether the second half of my planting comes up. --A greater calamity has befallen me. I was so brilliant as to mention earlier that I would go ballistic if a deer chomped down on my precious baby apple [...]

Winners and Losers

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I have to say I have derived great satisfaction from my Anchusa "Dropmore" aka Italian alkanet. It is still blooming and is such a vibrant blue. I started it from seeds I purchased from Select seeds. Also, the Fenbow Nutmeg Clove just bloomed - fabulous color, wonderful scent. Some of my delphiniums did flop over, [...]