June 2003

Gardening is a Passion

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Gardening is a passion. Have you ever heard someone say that and wonder what it means? Let me explain. If you'll remember one of my past entries I moaned about how I feared voles would eat all my corn seed. In spite of those fears I did plant the corn . . . and waited [...]

Heads Up

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Just in case you're too busy enjoying summer, I'd like to point out to you that many fall bulb catalogs have deadlines coming up. If you order before the deadline, you get a discount that, while not stupendous, might offset some, or all, of the shipping cost for you. Odyssey Bulbs and Brent and Becky's [...]

“What’s that Plant?”

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germander speedwell plant with tiny blue flowers

Every visitor to my garden this spring has asked me, "What's that plant?" and I always have to answer, "It's, um, a weed. A speedwell, I think." And the reply is always, "Well, it sure is pretty." It sure is. That's why I haven't pulled it. Honest. Actually, it's done blooming now, but for my [...]

A Native Rhododendron

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A few weeks ago, my husband brought to my attention a lone specimen of a pink flowering shrub growing alongside the road a few miles from our house. It looked pretty and smelled nice, and my curiosity was piqued. A quick perusal of Wildflowers of New York in Color (William K. Chapman [Editor], et al) [...]

Pretty Good Progress

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Relatively speaking, that is. The other day I was feeling so smug for getting my peas in early. Everyone else is complaining about their peas rotting from all this rain, but I got mine in before the rain. Now, they're just about finished blooming and there's a lot of little pods on them. Then, I [...]

Ah, June!

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We have been having plentiful rain, which after so many dry years feels like luxury. And the plants do look luxurious, weeds included, of course. I have been enjoying the spectacular flowers of June. First came the Oriental poppies. I have the traditional flaming scarlet ones paired with Campanual glomerata 'Joan Elliot,' a deep, rich [...]

Maternal bragging

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There's nothing that makes a gardening mother happier than to see her offspring sport their own green thumbs. In addition to Talitha's big vegetable garden, Cadie, Collin, Evan, Justin, and Owen all have smaller patches of ground they are tending, and Caleb (age 3) has a container garden. My 21 year old son Rundy has [...]

Garden update

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--I replanted my squash and cucumbers. Not a single seed had sprouted. This doesn't seem like a good sign to me, but this afternoon I dutifully replanted and hope the reason for no sprout was only because of the cold weather. --I cleared out my corn plot this afternoon. I hope to plant tomorrow. I [...]

A Discussion Forum for Upstate NY

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Jane Milliman of Upstate Gardeners Journal has set up a discussion forum for all of us upstaters. It could become a great place to exchange the specialized knowledge that comes from gardening in one place for several years, but only if you register and put your 2 cents in. So do it!