May 2003


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There is a sweet little flower (Polygala paucifolia) that blooms in our woods about the same time as the trilliums. It is called Fringed Polygala, which doesn't do justice to the plant, but also Gaywings, which captures the essence of the flowers better. You could almost call them funny; they look like little hot pink [...]


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The lilacs are flowering, the robins nesting, the roses budding, the orchids in the woods by the shop budding, --and it is snowing like mad. Another spring day brought to us by north Idaho. Keeps me on my toes ferrying tender plants in & out of the greenhouse--the canary bird and morning glory vines really [...]

A bit more about Stewartias

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Innes Kasanof, a gardener in the Catskills, recently emailed Joan Kutcher, director of the Mountain Top Arboretum regarding the Stewartia growing there. Joan informed her, "Stewartia pseudocamillia . . . is a gorgeous tree with a moderate growth rate. Full or part sun, protect from very windy conditions. Likes a spot that is a bit [...]

This week’s achievement

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When we last visited our heroine, she had just finished planting most of the order from Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery. You can read about it here. Let's rejoin the Intrepid Gardener as she continues her tale . . . I wanted to plant the double white soapwort in what I call the Purple-and-Gold bed, [...]

An extremely hardy clematis

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Pamela Mason of Canada recommends Clematis 'Prairie Traveller's Joy.' "I have been growing this ironclad hardy huge (15' tall ) white clematis in Edmonton, Alberta for years now. The late summer blooms are the size of a quarter, and have a lovely light almondy scent. can also easily take shoots from the bottom for [...]

Tonight’s Walk

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The wild Juneberries are blooming everywhere I look. It's like a fairyland. It fills me with wonder and delight. As I walk through the Secret Garden, I find one small bit of hepatica, out of five or six plants I had originally placed across from the snowdrops. Did the drought last summer kill them, or [...]