April 2003

Delectable Spring

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The weather has been perfect lately if you are a duck or a goose (or me!): rainy, cool, soft. Perfect for transplanting roses which are seedlings no longer, for digging new holes for fruit trees, and for digging herbs to propagate. Every night or early morning I wake to the sound of rain, a blessing [...]

Double snowdrops

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I took a little break from the html coding and planted some double snowdrops that my friend Bub had potted up and given me on Thursday. Some people find the double ones grotesque, but I appreciate their intricate beauty. I decided to plant them near the variegated pagoda dogwood, which I hope is still alive. [...]

Head’s Up

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If the Lord wills, I will be changing the template for this blog this weekend. So if you point your browser here on Saturday and get an error message or something looks weird on the screen, that's why. Past experience has taught me that no matter how many times you proofread your work and test [...]

April Weather

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It snowed last night. Tonight there is still snow on the ground. This is the 8th of April, and the winter has lasted quite long enough, thank you. There are two ways to view these late season forays of winter. A person can either despair or hope. When the snow of a long winter melts [...]

Where has this been all my surfing life?

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Last night I discovered Notes From Zone 4, a real live bona fide cold climate gardening blog, authored by Frank and Lisa Richards of New Hampshire. They started it in November 2000, apparently after rebuilding from a house fire. The design is simple, but pleasing; the writing is straightforward and informative, and there seem to [...]

A Good Middle-of-Winter Book

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I just finished reading Two Gardeners : Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence--A Friendship in Letters edited by Emily Herring Wilson. It's a good book to read when it's winter and there's nothing to do in the garden (which is what it was when I started it). Katharine and Elizabeth started writing each other in [...]

More about fruit

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I'm sorry to hear of the demise of Bear Creek Nursery. I never ordered from them, but I kept hoping to. They had quite a selection of apple trees. One that I always wanted to get was Chenango Strawberry, because it was discovered fairly close to where we live. I notice all the mail order [...]

Thank you for your patience

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Regular readers of this blog were probably frustrated the last few days, as well as last Thursday (I know I was). In a word: server troubles. Actually I have found my web hosting service to be pretty reliable, but they were the victims of a denial of service attack, and so, indirectly, I was a [...]