April 2003

My new toy

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For my birthday, my oldest son Teman got me a wireless min-max thermometer, but we discovered that it didn't go down lower than 32°F unless you used the probe, which, of course, isn't wireless. I remembered the one I had admired (at our car mechanic's office) had the Weather Channel logo on it, so I [...]


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What have people heard about soaking peas the night before planting? Dad always did, and I had assumed it was necessary for germination. However, I recently read that pre-soaking peas supposedly causes "legume seeds to absorb water too quickly, split their outer coatings and spill out essential nutrients, which encourages damping off seed rot." (The [...]

Acclimating rosemary outdoors

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I don't plant/dig/plant the rosemary plants I winter over--I feel it is too hard on them to repeatedly re-establish. So I keep them in pots, large enough for them to be comfortable in and small enough for me to winter inside feasibly. And carry! This also allows me to indulge in pretty pots for the [...]

Warm & Wooly

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The Pasque flower is blooming now and so silky furry that I can't resist petting it when I go by. The huge purple blooms are full of golden stamens and very showy, but it is really the fuzz that attracts me. It reminds me of other furry plants: Clematis' seed heads; the mullein growing around [...]

Summer care of Rosemary

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Judy, do you keep your rosemary in a pot throughout the summer, or do you plant it in the ground and dig it up for winter? Either way, when do you start hardening it off? How do you go about it, i.e., how long do you put it out the first day, the second, and [...]

A Question

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Jake from Dutchess County, NY emailed me with this question: "Do any of you Wise Gardeners use shredded paper in your compost pile? I keep reading that if I buy a simple $35 shredder I can turn my (mostly b&w) office and junk mail paper into good carbon compost. Sounds too good to be true." [...]


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Mom can tell you the Latin name of almost any plant there is, but my knowledge of Latin names is still awful spotty. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between common names and Latin names. I was rather shocked to find out that "Balsam" was a common name for "Impatiens." (For one thing, I hadn't [...]

Honeycrisp Apple, Morello Cherry

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I've looked up Honeycrisp apple in the Nafex archives and found I remembered correctly that it is well thought of by the Nafex folks who do go first for flavor & garden worthiness. They compared it to Macintosh for flavor. There was not much mention of Morello Cherries except that they have great flavor and [...]