April 2003

Columbine questions for Judy

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So, who was the source for the mystery columbine? And how will I know if it ever gets a "real" name? And if I want to save seed from it, should I get rid of my other columbines? You sell more than one columbine--how do you keep your seed strains pure?

Spring Gifts

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We had a good rain last week Friday and the poplars, hydraulically powered, popped out their leaves and now the air smells heavenly. Even shivering in town at the Farmers Market on Saturday we all were mmm-ing over how the scent pervades the air. Of course the grass & dandelions are hydraulic as well. . [...]

A Hard Day

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While pruning the apple trees this spring I noticed extensive bark damage on two trees, similar to damage I saw on the third apple tree last year. Since the problem was mostly located on a single tree last year, I simply removed the affected bark and took a wait-and-see attitude. That was probably not a [...]


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My order from Judy Miller of Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery (yes, the same Judy that wrote the post right below this one) came on Wednesday. All the plants looked as fresh as if they'd just come out of the ground. But I couldn't plant until today, due to the fact that it was snowing [...]

Pansy Research/Sources

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I haven't tried the Icicles but I'll look for the seed. (HA! see below). Pansy seed from the glossies is spendy, true, but Stokes comes through often for me as well as HPS (which is a quasi-pro seed co. now in the same conglomerate as Jungs, Totally Tomatoes, Seymours, Vermont Bean Seed Co, etc.). Vesey's [...]

Pansies 2

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I love them, too, but 2 things always get to me: one, the fact that they don't winter over so well, and two, the cost of the seed--yikes! The one year I grew them, I think I did the Imperial Antique hybrid--in a single color, I think--and the Watercolor mix. They were beautiful, and for [...]

Tending the Apple Trees

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On Friday the apple tree I bought from St. Lawrence Nurseries arrived. It came while I was out, and I didn't get back until late in the day, exhausted from working. The tree was supposed to be planted as soon as possible, and since it wasn't a cheap plant, I didn't feel at leisure to [...]

Grass and Hay

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I've noticed that the grass around the house has turned a vibrant green. The grass looks very nice, but when I look at it I am reminded that very soon I will need to start mowing the lawn. I hope the lawnmower starts. It has led a very abused life and in recent years has [...]